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The Line Find Group

Phone: 403-793-2800

Toll Free: 1-888-891-6300

Hire an Alberta Best Safety Performer for Your Job

The Line Find Group believes the health and safety of all individuals and the safeguarding of the environment is crucial to our success. We take that responsibility seriously. This is illustrated through our Certificate of Recognition (COR) achievement in health, safety and the environment (HS&E) and our constant focus on continuous improvement.

Work Safe Alberta has awarded Alberta Line Find the designation of Best Safety Performer for our exceptional health and safety performance. Alberta Line Find is a founder and active contributor to the rapidly growing success of the Canadian Association of Pipeline and Utility Locating Contractors.

Learn more about CAPULC from their website.

Safe Hydro Excavation around Alberta’s Buried Electrical Cables

The hydrovac division of The Line Find Group, HydroMaxx, has personnel trained, certified and experienced in equipotential bonding. Effectively practicing safe work procedures gained through this training and utilizing specialized safety equipment, our operators can safely hydro excavate around buried sensitive, high-voltage electrical cables, which prevents the possibility of damage to facilities and minimizing risk to personnel.

Contact us for safe hydro excavation at your work site in Alberta, British Columbia or Saskatchewan.

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