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One Call Management

Phone: 403-793-2800

Toll Free: 1-888-891-6300

Serving Alberta’s Buried Facilities Owners: Oilfield Locators in Brooks

Alberta Line Find, part of The Line Find Group, has been managing, placing and responding to proposed ground disturbance activities affecting our customers and buried facilities owners since 1995. A substantial portion of our responsibility is responding to and managing Alberta One Call locate requests. We have full-time locator technicians dedicated to Alberta One-Call management and field response with our oilfield locators in Brooks. We’re trained and available to assist and respond during peak times.

Alberta Line Find has many full-time customers who rely on us to handle all aspects of locating and inspection for the protection of their buried facilities. We have been able to conform and customize to each customer’s specific requirements for procedures, company policies, safety regulations, billing requirements and other important concerns.

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