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Phone: 403-793-2800

Toll Free: 1-888-891-6300

Hydrovac Equipment for Any Location in Western Canada

HydroMaxx, the hydrovac services division of The Line Find Group, operates with a highly mobile and flexible fleet of equipment specifically designed to perform all types of hydrovac operation in a fast, reliable and efficient manner. All units are self-contained and equipped to operate continuously under extreme conditions and in remote locations. HydroMaxx’s versatile and high-performance equipment, along with our trained and skilled operators, are capable of completing your toughest project of any size with cost-efficient results.

HydroMaxx has the equipment to handle any challenge with features that include:

  • High-volume vacuum pumps with 8” suction

  • Large-volume 60 BBL debris capacity on full-size units

  • 1,300 gallon onboard water capacity on full-size units, capable of working up to three to four hours nonstop

  • One million BTU high-output, diesel-fired boilers capable of producing hot water on the go

  • Wireless, remote control operations, greatly increasing efficiency & speed

  • 360° rotating turrets with extendable booms for flexibility & performance

  • High-pressure, high-volume wash pumps allowing for high productivity in all conditions

All units have the ability of bringing additional water to your location, using our custom built water trailers or utilizing our independent water truck.

For scheduled or emergency services, call The Line Find Group. Our crews work 24/7 in Western Canada.

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