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The Line Find Group

Phone: 403-793-2800

Toll Free: 1-888-891-6300

Specializing in Pipe & Cable Locating for Western Canada

The Line Find Group would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a company specializing in underground pipe and cable locating and detailed facility mapping. We are committed to providing accurate buried utility locating in order to ensure safe work conditions when contractors are performing any type of ground disturbance. The Line Find Group has been creating safe digging environments since 1995 with more than 45 employees stationed throughout Western Canada.

Our People Are Our Key to Success

At The Line Find Group, we believe that our people are the key to our success and that these good people give us a distinct competitive advantage. Our growth is essentially based on treating all customers and employees with dignity, respect and sensitivity to enable to fully use their knowledge, while investing in the latest tools and technology. Attention is given to develop career-oriented employees through an employee review system and comprehensive internal locator apprenticeship program.

Three Companies to Serve Your Needs

Working together to protect people, underground infrastructure and the environment from harm caused by ground disturbance, The Line Find Group consists of three companies: Alberta Line Find, One Call Management and HydroMaxx. Together we are able to offer complete ground disturbance solutions for oilfield, industrial, commercial and residential clients throughout Western Canada.

Please call us toll free to discuss your project and learn how our companies can serve you.

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