Your Window to the UnderWorld | oil industry worker walking toward a pump

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#2, 390 Canal Street, P.O. Box 1621, Brooks, AB, T1R 1C4
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The Line Find Group – Alberta’s Access to the UnderWorld

The Line Find Group, with headquarters in Brooks, thanks you for your interest in our services for all of Alberta and parts of British Columbia and Saskatchewan. As your “access to the underworld,” we specialize in the daylighting of underground facilities for industrial, commercial and residential clients who require excavation in facility-congested underground zones.

Our Vision
The three affiliates of The Line Find Group is committed to providing quality workmanship on all jobs to ensure safe and economical solutions to create safe digging conditions for all of our customers throughout Western Canada.

Our Mission
We strive for excellence in our interactions with others, using honest, open communication, a strong work ethic, and sound moral values. Through these relationships, we will provide our customers with continuous industry improvements in our techniques to ensure mutual success for both our customers and ourselves.